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Company Description

“Promugletransservice” LLP was formed on the basis of area of mining-capital works of mine construction governance named “Shahtostroymehanizatsiya”.

The station was created in 1987 for the construction of special facilities of “Borly” coal mine: – construction of a field with a trench laying railway tract, excavation during construction of overpasses through railway way, construction of ponds evaporators treatment facilities with causeways, areas with a vertical layout, flood upland ditches and the work of transporting of overburden in a “Borly” coal mine.

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For a short time the section reached a fulfillment in the amount of 3 million cubic meters of rock mass per year at mining-capital construction. After decrease volumes of stripping works on the “Borly” coal mine, units of section took part in development and showdown of gold fields Koz-kuduk, Ushalyk and Kopiskiy fields and did not stop working on transporting of overburden on “Borly” and “Kuu-Chek” coal mines.

1997 - the company acquired its present name “Promugletransservice” separated from SHSU SHSM and changing ownership. After renaming the company worked on transporting of overburden and coal of “Borly” coal mine and on construction of working trenche in “Shubarkol” coal mine.

1998 – The company participated in construction of the road “Bypass Astana”, which made ​​the dumping of three overpasses and had put more than 500 000 cubic meters of soil of road.

Winter 1998-1999 – the company has worked on the construction of iron-manganese opencast mine in s. Kamis (Zheskazgan area) JSC “Zheskazgan-ore” and hauling of overburden and ore in s. Akzhal of “Nova Zinc”

1999 - The company started the construction of “Abay” coal mine, carrying out a full cycle of stripping and mining operations with a monthly capacity of 50-70 thousand cubic meters for stripping and 5-10 thousand tons for the extraction.

2000 – the company taked part in construction of the Almaty-Astana road in subcontractor of the Turkish company “Balfour Beatty-Mensel LH” making backfilling of subgrade.

May 2001 – the company began construction of the transport interchange at the road section “Bypassing Astana”, ended in June, and by October of that year, rented 45 km bypass roads on the Aksu-Ayuly-Akchatau, in contract with the Italian company “Todini”.

2002 - the company also worked on the contract with the company “Todini” on the construction of the road “Almaty-Astana”.

2003 – 2006 – the company built coal mines at the outputs of layers around the city of Karaganda. Such as Batyr,Esep and opencast mines of “Core of Kazakhstan” company.

2006 – the company was engaged in the construction of the roadbed on the highway Astana – Burabai subcontracted company K dostroy, passed 60 km. the roadbed from junction Astana to Elizavetovca.

2007 – the company been in contract with the company “Todini” spending a full range of mining operations at the quarry “Koluton” from the explosion prior to processing.

2008-2013 – the company was the general contractor on the gold mine “North Raygorodok” in Akmola region with an annual output of 3 million. m3 of rock mass per year.

All employees of the company have wide experience in the mining transport industry. Drivers, machine operators and technical staff have professional school of mining and capital works.

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Success of our company – is the professionalism of our employees.

For repair work, we have maintenance base and well-established relations with suppliers of spare parts, as we attach great importance to quality and debugged work technique and react promptly in case the technology fails.

As you can see, the company is autonomous enough (has its own mobile accommodation and dining room), may perform large volumes of transportation, stripping, general excavation, as well as the construction of artificial structures, dams, roads and railways. State. License GSL №003092 from 09.02.2001.

Our address is: Republic of Kazakhstan, Karaganda, str. Metodicheskaya45
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